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Eiffel For You Proposal

Step into a world of timeless romance and enchantment with our Eiffel For You Proposal, an experience that brings the magic of Paris to the heart of Pampanga. Located in a charming setting reminiscent of the City of Love, this proposal package promises an unforgettable blend of elegance, sophistication, and the allure of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

  • M Proposal Planning, Coordination and Execution

  • Full Romantic Parisian Decoration & Set up for the couple

  • MARRY ME Marquee Lighted Letters

  • Couple's Special Full Couse Meal

  • Freshly Curated Bouquet of Roses

  • Romantic Sounds & Mood Lights

  • Photo & Video Coverage


  • Proposal Concept & Timeline Flow

  • Exclusive Venue in Pampanga City

  • Celebratory Wine + Glasses

All-inclusive Rate: Php 74, 500 


*Any additional service/s that is not part of this package will incur additional charges.

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice


Immerse yourself in a collection of heartfelt testimonials from our valued clients, sharing their remarkable proposal experiences. Delve into the stories of love, joy, and sheer bliss as they recount the magical moments created by M Proposals MNL.


Be inspired by their words and let their journeys ignite your own imagination, as you embark on the path to creating your perfect proposal.


M - Youtube Thumbnail (30 × 20 in) (1).png

"Hello! Yes, we're BAM and LEIGH of the Wedding Cinema Proposal that has been viewed over 6 million times on TikTok and Facebook. And without a doubt, Ms. Carmela and her team's meticulous planning and execution are what made it all possible.


As I often say, you will only propose to your special girl once in your lifetime, so you should put in more than 100% of your effort. It was a pleasure working with Carmela to bring your ideal proposal to life.


As a relationship manager in the financial industry, I am well aware of what client service and excellence in your industry entail, so I have no doubt that I made the right decision in choosing Carmela as the coordinator for this milestone event. The fact that her team is on top of everything made the days leading up to my proposal more enjoyable and less stressful. Having her there to oversee everything guaranteed that all the details and special touches were in place. In addition, I'd want to thank her team for boosting my confidence before the event began.

She not only achieved the intended output but also exceeded my expectations, not only during the proposal but also in post-production, when they were able to produce a well-crafted proposal video (shout out to Mr. James).


Five stars isn't enough for M Proposal Team. I hope I can rate higher than that. You are all top-notch, no doubt!"





For your proposal to be special, we will plan an intimate, romantic and memorable day. Whether it's in the comfort of your own home or out in nature, our team will work with you to ensure it's everything you've ever wanted. We also offer a collection of proposals that are uniquely crafted for each couple who chooses to use them. 


Have a look at our latest proposals and be inspired!

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